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Spa Velía Body Care

At Spa Velia we feature only the finest organic, wild and natural botanicals in our exquisite massage and body care menu. Know that when you have experienced a treatment at Spa Velia you have received nourishment for your mind, body and soul, a holistic approach to body care. All of our rituals and treatments are finished with a delightful application of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, known in the Pacific Islands as "The Tree of Life," an aromatic cure-all in its native countries. 

Spa Treatments

Organic Coffee Confection

80 min. $140



This deluxe VEGAN delight is as delicious as it is nutritious for your body. Your experience begins as you are drenched with softening and replenishing Non-GMO Organic Soy Milk. You’ll be scrubbed and coated with our exfoliating bamboo coffee & rich, aromatic blackstrap-molasses confection. As we swaddle you into a warm cocoon your mind will begin to drift as organic botanicals sink into your skin to firm, repair, nourish and tone your complexion. A molasses facial mask and soothing scalp massage heighten this sensory perfect experience. The treatment closes with a full body application of organic oils of coconut and ginger. This is the crème de la crème of GREEN body care.

Lavender Wrapture

80 min. $140



*Also available in the couples suite.


Clarify and detoxify your system with this highly therapeutic and sedating experience. Your treatment commences with a full body dry brush exfoliation, activating your lymphatic system and opening your skin's surface to receive the traditionally medicinal oils and extracts. Your skin will be prepped and coated and your muscles will be massaged with organic virgin coconut oil, the ancient “cure all” remedy of the Pacific Islands. Enjoy a full body application of calming wild lavender gel mask and get cozy while you are wrapped in a warm cocoon. Let the lavender heal soothe and soften your mind, body and spirit as your scalp and face are treated to a gentle massage. The result of this process is a complete detoxification, as impurities are drawn out from the skin.

Hot-Pepper-Mint Foot Ritual

25 min. $55

As add-on $45


*Also available in the couple's suite.


Ancient medicine from all walks of the earth has taught us that healthy and clean feet are integral to long-term health. With the invigorating, deeply penetrating and warming essential oil of wild pink pepper and fine pacific sea salt we will bring new life to your calves and feet with a thorough exfoliation and proceeding hot towel cleanse. Enjoy a cooling and decedent foot massage with organic coconut oil and essential oil from organic peppermint. Walk away from this treatment with soft supple feet, feeling balanced and grounded.


Brown Sugar Botanical Buff

50 min. $110



This sweet and soothing sugar scrub will softly exfoliate your skin and nourish your system with organic raw sugars and essential oil of organic red mandarin. This full body exfoliation will be followed by a nurturing rinse and a generous application of organic virgin coconut oil infused with lemongrass essential oil, which will revitalize your energy level and relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Island Inspiration

25 min. $60



The moment you inhale the aroma of this amazing blend of sea salt, lime and organic coconut oil your mind will be whisked away to a place of leisure and relaxation. Revel in the bouquet of the tropical islands while your body is treated to a complete exfoliation. Warming waters from our in-room showers will rinse your body and your renewed skin will be coated with the application of organic virgin coconut oil infused with essential oil of lime. These oils aid in cellulite reduction as well as boosting immunity and respiratory function. The tranquility of the tropics coupled with the therapeutic benefits of these organic ingredients makes this treatment truly sensational. 

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