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Spa Velía Skin Care

Our talented and gracious staff are dedicated to guiding you to the appropriate treatment for your skin's specific needs. Each of our facials begins with a personalized consultation with a Spa Velía esthetician. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom (in-spa) treatments, while creating an easy-to-follow, at-home skincare regimen. We use only the highest quality skincare products, techniques, and equipment that bring about dramatic results.

Petite Purifying

25 min. $55



A light detoxification of the skin. Cleanse, unclog pores and mask. Ending with a selection of all natural products and a Brazilian propolis sunscreen with major spf.


50 min. $95



Our skilled estheticians prepare the skin thoroughly to complete a purification of the skin. This facial concentrates on deep cleansing, herbal exfoliation and extractions. Neck, shoulder and décolleté massage will release tension and soothe strained muscles. A chai soy or hydrating mineralizing mask completes this treatment.

Petite Renewal

25 min. $55



A superior manual exfoliation is the focus, utilizing citrus magnesium micro crystals to treat fine lines, wrinkles, blotches, pigmentation variations and scars. Equivalent to a light microdermabrasion session. Enzyme rich moisturizers leave skin quenched.


50 min. $105



Addictive results! This unique technology uses natural diamond embedded wands to exfoliate. This exciting breakthrough in skin care minimizes the appearance of facial lines, age spots and acne scarring, making your skin softer and more supple. Leaving it with a renewed vibrancy. For optimal results a series of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended.

Ultimate Renewal

80 min. $140



The unique technology of non-particle microdermabrasion leaves skin supple, vibrant and refreshed. It prepares skin to absorb a combination of powerful co-factored enzymes which promote cell renewal. Not only includes face but décolleté and upon request the back of the arms and neck. Effleurage manipulations and a heavenly scalp massage are a perfect combination for this results oriented facial. Your transformation continues with our unique Silver Ion Mask which assists in enhanced delivery of nutrients and moisture. You will not believe the immediate results! A definite ultimate renewal for the skin.

Enzyme Elixir

50 min. $105



Enzymes are key in this facial! Used throughout the treatment they help cell rejuvenation. This incredibly toning treatment bathes the skin in enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. An incredible cinnamon enzyme mask naturally digests dead skin cells and stimulates skin. It’s the perfect preparation for the lifting tightening treatment that layers. While the skin is being pampered, a decadent neck and shoulder massage, effleurage manipulations on the arms and hands, and a stress relieving foot massage will accompany. Beautifully enhanced skin is the result.

Ultimate Enzyme Elixir

80 min. $140



An extended version of the 50 minute Enzyme Elixir. Includes sufficient time to address all skin’s needs. This facial takes it a step further by adding an additional layer of treatment that will further firm and improve appearance of skins’ clarity, elasticity and texture. The skin is doused with citrus enzymes, vitamins and nutrients and sealed for maximum absorption with a protein rich gel. This indulgent facial includes extended massage manipulations for exceptional relaxation. Skin and body will be thrilled!

Living Blissed Signature Facial

80 min. $140



This treatment begins and ends with facial manipulations utilizing hot and cold basalt stones. These hot smooth stones relieve facial muscle tension as well as de-stress shoulder and neck muscles. The cold invigorating stones not only firm and tone but increase skin resilience, refresh and soothe. All-natural richly infused treatments are selected to best suit the skin. A peppermint indulged foot massage will compliment, leaving you submerged into a profound state of relaxation, balance and harmony. This truly is the epitome of living bliss!

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