Best Wood For Knife Handles

Handle with Care: Unveiling the Finest Wood for Knife Handles

If you are looking for information about the best wood for knife handles, then this is the right place for you. Here, I will provide you with a list of the best wood for knife handles.

Knives are one of the most used tools in the world. They are a necessity for many people in order to be able to carry out their daily tasks. It is a common practice to purchase a set of knives with the expectation that you will use it for a long time.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about knives is what type of wood they are made of. The fact is, there are many different types of woods that can be used to make knife handles.

Some of the woods that are commonly used for making knife handles include: maple, cherry, hickory, mahogany, and others. Of course, not all woods are suitable for making knife handles. If you are looking to get a good deal for your knives, then you need to read this post.

In this article, I will be discussing the 10 best different types of woods that are used in making the best knife handles.

Understanding the Different Types of Wood Used for Knife Handles

If you want to get the best knives for your money, it is very important that you understand which wood is the best for making knife handles. There are many different types of woods that you can use for making handles, and they can be made out of several different materials. Here, I will discuss the 10 best types of wood for making knife handles. If you want to learn how to buy knives online for a cheaper price, this post is ideal for you. In order to make the best knives, you need to know what kinds of woods you can use to make them. Choosing the best type of wood for making a handle for your knife is easy.

Types of Wood Used for Knife Handles 

The different types of wood used for making knife handles are generally divided into two categories:

a.Hardwoods and


These woods are normally bought by a customer because of the specific wood’s hardness. Each of these woods has its own characteristics. Some of the woods that are used in making knife handles include: oak, hickory, maple, and ash. Oak is a hardwood which is used in making many high-quality, quality kitchen utensils. However, it can be extremely expensive. Hickory, which is also known as American oak, is a hardwood which is very popular for making wooden bowls and other wooden tools.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Knife Handle

Quality knife handles are considered one of the most important parts of the knife that you buy. If you are going to invest a lot of money in your knife, you need to make sure that you have a handle that will not only protect your knife but also enhance its beauty. There are some basic requirements that you should look for when you are purchasing your knives.

1.Quality of the Wood

If you want to purchase a quality knife, it is very important to have a high-quality wooden handle for your knife. You should go for a wood that will be durable and won’t break too easily. You should also consider choosing a wooden handle that will look great in your kitchen. It is also important that you look for a wood that has a smooth finish. 

A rough surface will dull your knife over time. It is also important that you select a wooden knife handle that is aesthetically pleasing. This will help you to look good while using your knife.


Durability is one of the main requirements for the knife handle. The main purpose of the handle is to protect your knife. If your handle breaks or cracks, you will be forced to throw away your precious knife. Make sure that the handle that you choose for your knife is durable. The first thing you should look for is a handle that is made of a strong material. For instance, high quality ceramic handles are the best. 

Ceramic handles are more durable than other types of knives. This is because ceramic is a very hard material. It will not bend like a metal knife handle. When you are looking for a durable knife handle, ceramic is the material to choose.


When you are buying a knife, you will need to make sure that you buy one that is comfortable to hold. You should choose a handle that is lightweight and easy to hold. You will find that there are different types of handles available. They are made of different materials, and they vary in size as well. Choosing the right type of handle is a great way to choose the right knife. If you choose a comfortable handle, you will be able to use your knife more. 

A comfortable handle is also a great selling point for a knife. You will find that some handles are more comfortable to hold than others. The best knife for your needs is the one that you find to be the most comfortable.


For a knife, a good grip is essential. There are many ways to increase your grip. Some of them include using finger tape, plastic gloves and leather gloves. You can also use an ergonomic handle. The best way to improve your grip is to use your fingers more. The reason why is because your finger joints are closer to the blade. Therefore, your fingers will provide more control over your knife.


Some knives have attractive aesthetics. These may look nice or they may look like something that you would like to carry with you. Choosing a handle that has good aesthetics is a great idea. It will help you to choose the right knife for the job that you want to do. If you buy a knife that you don’t want to use, it won’t be the most comfortable to hold. It will also be more difficult for you to clean the knife properly. 

If you choose a handle that is designed to be attractive, you will not be forced to buy another one. Your knife will have a beautiful appearance and will give you a reason to keep it around.


Choose a handle that will give you value for your money. For example, some people think that a $10 knife is less expensive than a $100 knife. It may cost more than a $10 knife, but it is still worth it because it will last longer. You should buy a knife that is going to last a long time. If you buy a new knife after a while, it may not last as long as the one that you bought. 

A high-quality knife that you pay a lot for is going to last longer than a cheap knife that you buy for a few dollars. If you want to save money, you should buy a cheap knife.


Choose a design that will make your knife unique. It is also a good idea to make sure that the handle fits your hand. If it doesn’t, you should consider buying a new knife. It is a good idea to check the quality of the knife before you buy it. Ask people who have used knives similar to yours before. You should also look at the reviews that are out there. It is a good idea to consider what others have said about knives.


The most important thing to consider when you are designing your knife is ergonomics. Ergonomics means that the knife must fit your hand and wrist perfectly. If it doesn’t, you might end up getting a repetitive strain injury or tendonitis in your hand.

11 best woods for knife handles in 2022: both quality and budget-friendly

1.Black bog oak blank for knife handles

Black bog oak blank for knife handles

The oak knife handle scale is a versatile tool. If you are looking for a knife handle that is made of wood, oak is an excellent choice. You can easily find an oak knife handle, and it is very affordable. The sturdiness of the oak makes it perfect for carving into various designs.

For example, you can carve into it a design that is close to nature, and the knife can be used to cut herbs and other items in the kitchen.

If you want to stain the handle, you can use a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil for it. To clean it, you can use olive oil to wipe it off.If you are looking for a knife handle, oak is the ideal choice.


  • The oak knife handle scale is an excellent choice for a kitchen tool.
  • It is sturdy and durable, and you can use it for many purposes.
  • It is a versatile tool that can be used to cut, carve, and shape.
  • You can use it to carve into it different designs and make it look natural.
  • It is inexpensive, and you can buy it in any store.
  • You can easily stain it with a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil.


  • It takes time to carve out the desired design. It may be a little difficult.

2.Ebony Wood Knife Handles

The best kind of wood for making a knife is ebony wood. It is the most preferred wood among knife makers. It is beautiful and can be found in almost all parts of the world. This hardwood is a bit hard to carve so you may find it difficult to carve this wood. The knife handle with ebony wood handle will definitely look very good and you can make your knife look very elegant by making a wooden handle for it. There are many ebony woods available in the market and it varies in prices. You can get it easily from Amazon.

If you are looking for the cheapest ebony wood, then you should buy the online version. You will get the best quality of the ebony wood that will last long. Ebony wood handle scale is a common wood in kitchen and household. It’s extremely durable. It is a common knife handle material.

I know the price of this knife handle is really cheap. However, if you love the ebony wood then you will surely appreciate my gift for you. I have already made a wooden knife handle. This kind of wood is extremely beautiful.


  • If you want to give your knives some style, then you should use this wood to build your knives.
  • This kind of wood is very durable, which can stand up to high temperatures. It can resist harsh chemicals. It is easy to use.
  • It is used to make knife handle scales. It is lightweight and is easy to carry.
  • If you want to buy a knife handle from a local store, it can help you to save money and time.
  • You can use the ebony wood to make your own knives or to carve.
  • It is a perfect wood for your kids. They can use it to play.


  • You cannot use ebony wood to make some products. It is too expensive.

3.Cocobolo Wood Knife Handle scales

The cocobolo wood knife handle scales have a special role to play in knife handle manufacturing.Cocobolo wood even gives resistance even in wet and dry conditions. There are many shades of cocobolo wood available, but the common ones are a combination of shades of yellow & red.

Cocobolo woods are slightly more expensive than other types of wood. This is the wood that is highly chosen and recommended after rosewood. The grains of the wood are straight to interlocked with even fine texture and it gets darkened with age. Cocobolo woods are highly used in making fine furniture, tunings, musical instruments, chess pieces, and many other forms of objects like cocobolo knife handles.

Wood is famous for its odor, and it can produce a very distinctive odor after years. Also, its high resistance to moisture and scratches makes it fairly good to use for making knife scales.


  • There is no need to worry about the blade getting damaged because the scale is very solid.
  • The scales are made of a solid wood which means that they are long lasting and you can easily maintain them.
  • If you look carefully at the scale, you will find that it has a unique design and a good look to it.
  • It is a versatile product which means that you can use it for different purposes.
  • You can make your knife scales and other objects like candle sticks, ashtrays, flower vases, and many more things.
  • You can even make a pair of scissors if you want to.


  • The only drawback of the wood knife handle scale is that it is not waterproof, and that is why you have to use it in dry places. 

4.Bolivian Rosewood Knife Handle Scales

Bolivian Rosewood Knife Handle Scales

Bolivian rosewood is one of the finest types of wood that we can use for our projects. It is a hardwood that is very durable. It is also used in creating furniture, luxury goods and other items. Bolivian rosewood is a natural product that has been used for generations. Rosewood is a great investment because it is an exceptional wood that can last for a long time and provide good quality. This type of wood is highly sought after, especially by knife makers. 

The handle of this knife is made from Bolivian Rosewood, which is one of the most common kinds of rosewood. It is very heavy and the knife handle weighs 2.34 ounces and measures 7 inches long. It is made from 100% wood and comes with a lifetime warranty. Rosewood is the hardest of the natural hardwoods, and it has a density of up to 6.25 pounds per cubic foot. 

It has a strong appearance and a rich reddish tone. It can last for decades with no wear and tear. This knife is very durable and resistant to termites, so you will enjoy using it for many years. It is one of the best-looking woods available on the market.

You can sharpen it yourself using a ceramic stone, or you can pay a professional to sharpen it for you. Rosewood is a very popular wood for knife handles, and you can purchase a variety of knives with a Rosewood handle. It also looks very good, and it looks even better once you apply a knife finish to it.


  • It is one of the best-looking woods available on the market.
  • The Rosewood knife handle is extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • It can be used for hunting and other outdoor activities.
  •  It has a beautiful appearance and it is very comfortable.


  • It’s a little expensive.
  • It isn’t really that easy to sharpen.

5.Maple Burl Knife Handle Scales

The Maple Burl Knife handle scale has been popular for quite a long time. It is also known as a hardwood scale because it’s durable. In the old days, people used to make things out of wood, but now they use metals and plastics. Many modern knives are made out of metal, plastic, or composite material. But, you cannot deny the fact that knives made from wooden materials are still the most popular choice. 

Knives have been used for generations, but the demand for knives continues to increase. For this reason, the knife makers have to design new kinds of knives in order to meet the requirements of their clients.

The popularity of maple burl wood is due to the fact that this is one of the hardest woods that can be found anywhere on earth. Maple Burl has been used for making many things such as tables, flooring, and so on. It has also been widely used for making knives and other cutlery. As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the Maple burl has increased over the years. The main reason behind this is its strength and durability.


  • They are durable, beautiful, versatile, easy to clean, and strong.
  • The handle is very hard and durable.
  • It doesn’t get easily damaged by the weather conditions.
  • It is highly resistant to cracking and peeling.
  • It doesn’t get easily damaged by the weather conditions.


  • It is more expensive than other wooden handles.

6.Walnut Wood Knife Handle Scales

Walnut Wood Knife Handle Scales

Walnut wood is one of the hardest of woods and is used for knife handles and other types of wood craftwork. These days black walnut is in extremely high demand for craftsmen and hobbyists.

If you purchase this black walnut, it will provide you with 100% product satisfaction and is ready to answer all your questions for better service. It is a wonderful choice for you to buy because it’s extremely durable and doesn’t splinter like other hardwoods. Black walnut wood is also a very strong wood that is resistant to moisture and can resist dryness.

Because of its beautiful appearance, it is used in creating decorative items and can be used for crafting fine furniture. We recommend that you try to buy the black walnut wood from us, because our black walnut products are of top quality and will provide you with 100% satisfaction and a better service.

You don’t need to spend more money to make a cheap black walnut wood scale because we offer the best price for it. We offer this black walnut wood at the best prices so that you won’t need to spend a fortune.


  • It’s durable, resistant to moisture and can resist dryness.
  • It can withstand pressure and won’t splinter.
  • Black Walnut Wood Knife Handle Scale is also quite a bit easier to use than many of its competitors. 
  • You can get a long-lasting black walnut wood that will be perfect for you to create a nice wooden knife.


  • You need to apply special care while using the black walnut wood because it is a little sensitive and it is easily damaged.

7.Desert IronWood Knife Handle

The desert iron wood is a traditional knife handle made from high quality desert ironwood.It has a solid design and sturdy construction with classic aesthetics. Desert iron wood has been used for making hunting knives for hundreds of years.

Desert ironwood is strong, durable and very resistant to corrosion. It has a dark reddish brown color and is usually found growing in dry or rocky areas in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. In the United States, desert iron wood has a very valuable price. It has also become the favorite wood among knife makers and craftsmen. Desert iron wood is known to make knives that are highly prized for the craftsmanship of the handles and the durability of the steel.

As a result, desert iron wood is often preferred by those looking to build the ultimate knife collection. The desert iron wood is one of the most sought after knives in the world.

For many years, desert iron wood has been used to make kitchen knives. It was also used to make handles for pocket knives.


  • It is a very popular material to make handles and knives with because of its unique texture and beautiful appearance.
  • You will notice that desert iron wood has a distinct coloration that appears dark green or black.
  • It is usually stained darker due to the oils in the wood that give the wood its distinctive look.
  • This particular wood has a great grain.
  •  It is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


  • One of the most significant problems that arise from using desert iron wood is its fragility. 

8.Olive Wood Knife Handle

Olive Wood Knife Handle

The wood used for knife making is mainly olive wood. Olive wood is a favorite choice of wood for making knives because the color and texture of the wood are amazing. The wood is yellow and it has dark brown shades which make the wood look very appealing. Being moderately durable the wood is prone to insect attacks and termite infestation but it can last for years if proper care is taken.

This set is made with 100 percent authentic Olive wood. The olive wood is cut into small pieces and used to make the knife handle and the blades. The knife handle is a very attractive wood and it gets darker as the wood ages and ages. The wood is naturally oiled and the wood gives a shiny and glossy appearance to the knife. The wood is also resistant to rust and it lasts for many years.

It is a great gift idea for people who love knives and swords.The olive wood knife set comes in a beautiful wooden gift box with a certificate of origin. The set includes 6 knives, 9 inch knife. The set is made of stainless steel and the blades are 2.5 mm in thickness.


  • The set comes with an olive wood box with a certificate of origin.
  • The knife set is easy to clean as the blades do not come into direct contact with food. 
  • The wood gives a shiny look to the knife.
  • The wood is resistant to rust and it lasts for many years.


  • The wood can get dirty and discolored

9.Indian Rosewood Knife Handle

Indian Rosewood Knife Handle

The knife handle is made of Indian rosewood. The material is light and easy to grip.This is a straight-edge blade which means that it won’t turn like a compass, so it is a good tool for outdoor activities and camping. The clip is made of stainless steel, which gives the knife a better grip and safety.

We found the overall quality to be pretty good, but the blade and handle are the two things we would like to improve. The blade is the most expensive part and it has a rough finish which isn’t comfortable to hold.

We recommend you to have it oiled because it is not too resistant to water, however, it is still waterproof. The wood is not as hard as the previous models, and the blade doesn’t feel as good to hold. It feels quite different and is pretty hard.

Overall, we liked the design of this knife and the quality of the parts is really good. This is a great knife for the price that you are paying and is pretty durable as well. We would recommend this to beginners and people who are looking for a quality knife.


  • The handle is not very heavy. It is easy to use, and it is comfortable to hold.
  • The finish is smooth and the wood is hard.
  • It is sturdy and it is resistant to wear and tear.
  • The grip is firm and the steel is strong.
  • The wood can be easily polished and the wood is very stable.
  • It has a nice color and is made with high-quality materials.


  • There is no storage space inside the handle.It has a low tensile strength. 

10.Bloodwood Satin Knife Handle Scale 

Bloodwood Satin Knife Handle Scale

The Bloodwood Satin Knife Handle Scale is the best gift for someone who loves knives. This wood was used in the making of old-fashioned knife handles. Though they are not very popular anymore, you might still hear people talking about them. They have a tight straight grain and an attractive red color. This wood has a soft texture that makes it easier to handle.

This is an ideal wood for making knife handles. Some people make their knives out of hardwoods such as oak, maple, hickory, or cherry. However, if you want something that is soft and easy to handle, you should choose this wood. When you’re ready to give a gift, Woodcraft is the ideal brand to pick from. The company has over 100 years of expertise in crafting fine woodcraft products. They know what customers want. Woodcraft has a wide variety of products ranging from saws, planes, power tools, hand tools, routers, sanders, dust collection, wood, kits, handcrafted furniture, and more. Their products are made with precision and quality.


  • It is highly resistant to warping.
  • This is a quality product, and you can rest assured that the company makes top-notch products.
  • It is very easy to maintain.
  • It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your kitchen.
  • It is easy to sharpen the blade.


  • It is a little pricey.
  • This is by no stretch red, it is very orange

11.Bocote Wood knife Handle Scale

A Bocote knife handle scale is the perfect gift for any chef, knife enthusiast, or artist. It comes with a handle of Bocote wood. There is a small space on the back of the scale where you can write your name, and it comes with a small magnet for easy attachment to the refrigerator.

Bocote wood is durable, strong, and lasts long. It is also highly resistant to bacteria. This is why Bocote wood is commonly used to make cutting boards.

Bocote wood also has a warm, rich, and slightly earthy tone. It makes the perfect wood to use for a butcher block or kitchen countertop.

If you have a knife obsession, you will love a bocote wooden scale. You can put the scale on your fridge and check its weight every day. It is the perfect weight gauge.

This scale is also a great conversation piece. You can show it to people around the house and tell them about your hobby.

You can easily clean the surface with a damp cloth. It is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.


  • The scale is the perfect gift for your friends and family. It is inexpensive, so you won’t be breaking the bank when you buy it.
  • It’s not too heavy, so you won’t have to move it all the time.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing it. You can hang it on your kitchen wall or put it on a shelf.
  • The scale is very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • It is very affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this scale. It is the perfect gift for everyone in your life.


  • The best thing about this scale is that it is not too heavy.

Final Thoughts

Finally,  it is essential to make sure that you choose the right wood for your knife handle. The wood you select will depend on the type of knife you are using. If you are looking for a knife handle that can last a long time, then you should opt for a hardwood. On the other hand, if you want a knife handle that is easy to maintain, then you should go for a softwood.That means they don’t hold an edge well, and they’re easy to dull. The best woods are hardwoods like maple, hickory, and oak. But, if you want to learn more about the benefits of using hardwood, check out my blog post on why hardwood is the best choice for knife handles.

Frequently Asked Question

#.Why does wood matter for knife handles?

Wood is what gives a knife its heft, and how it feels when you hold it. Different types of wood offer varying degrees of weight and durability, which will have an impact on your ability to maintain your blade and ensure it stays sharp. Hardwoods, such as maple and hickory, are naturally stronger than softwoods. As a result, they are harder and less likely to bend, warp or splinter. That makes hardwoods ideal for handles. Softwoods are generally cheaper than hardwoods, which makes them more economical choices if you need to replace your handle more than once.

#.What’s the difference between a wood that’s used for cutting and a wood that’s used for carving?

There is a big difference between a wood that’s used for cutting and a wood that’s used for carving. Cutting woods are the softer types of woods. They are more durable and easier to work with. The harder wood is usually used for carving. It’s harder to carve and can be more expensive.

#.What’s the best wood for making a knife handle?

Maple is the best wood for making a knife handle. It’s very hard and easy to work with.

#.How can I make my own knife handle?

To make your own knife handle, you need to start with a piece of wood. You can use a piece of wood from an old table or even a piece of wood from a broken piece of furniture. Then, you need to drill a hole in the center of the wood.

#.What’s the best way to sharpen a knife?

To sharpen a knife, you need to use a whetstone. The best way to sharpen a knife is to use steel wool.

#.What is the difference between a hardwood and a softwood?

Hardwoods are denser than softwoods. Hardwoods tend to be more expensive than softwoods.

#.What are some things to consider when purchasing a knife?

When purchasing a knife, you should think about what type of knife you want. A hunting knife or a utility knife are two different types of knives.

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