How To Repair Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge Holes?

How To Repair Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge Holes?

Kitchen cabinets are a necessity for every home. They’re a great way to keep your food items in an organized manner and they’re also a practical way to store cooking utensils and other small kitchen appliances. If you’ve ever had a problem with a kitchen cabinet door, you know that it can be a real pain to open and close. When you have a hinge problem, it’s often difficult to get a handle on the problem and determine what needs to be done. 

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional repair. You don’t have to! In this post, we’re going to walk you through the steps you need to take to fix a kitchen cabinet hinge hole.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge Holes: What Happened there?

If you’re having problems with the hinge hole in your kitchen cabinets, you have to try to fix it yourself. Hinges are one of the parts of the kitchen cabinet door that connects the door to the cabinet body. If there’s a problem with the hinge hole, it usually means that the hinge has come loose. The reason that the hinge hole gets damaged is because it’s too weak. 

You probably won’t be able to fix the hole on your own because the fix requires some specialized tools and skills. If you do need to make a repair, there are several methods that you can use. If the hole was made by someone else, you can simply replace the part.

Before Repairing the Damaged Hinge Hole, What Should You Do?

The door hinges usually come with screws that are inserted into the hinges, and they connect to the frame. These hinges are very common and you can find them in any household appliance. Some appliances include more than one hinge and they may be a little bit thicker than others. A door has three hinges that attach to the door and it connects to the frame that is attached to the wall. If you are planning on fixing the hinge hole in your kitchen cabinet, you have to first measure the size of the hole and decide whether the hinge is still in good condition. You have to know whether the hole is larger than the hinge itself. If it is, you can remove it. 

This is necessary because it’s better to have a smaller hole for the hinge to fit into. If you notice that the hinge is damaged, you can replace the whole hinge. This can make sense because you don’t want to damage the door itself. 

Fixing Hinge Holes in Kitchen Cabinets: How Do You Do It?

First, you must decide if the hole in the door is larger than the hinge itself. If it is, then you can remove the hinge. Then you will be able to fix the hole with an old or even new hinge. Here are some ways to fix the hole. 

Tools that you need

  • A screwdriver
  • Cocktail picks
  • Wood glue
  • An utility knife

Step 1: Remove loose hinge screw

Removing a loose hinge screw is the first step towards fixing the door hinge holes. All you have to do is unscrew all of the screws holding the hinge and the door. Remove the screws one by one until you find the loose screw. The hinge should be loose after removing the last screw. This means that the hinge can move freely. You can use this loose hinge to measure the width of the hole. After you have measured, you should be able to fix the hinge. 

Step 2: Mark the pick by inserting it into the hole

The next step is to insert a pick into the hole and mark it to flush the hole. Make sure that the pick is positioned straight and aligned with the direction of the hinge. When you mark the pick, you will have to adjust it with the hinge. Now with a single edge blade from the utility knife, mark the pick. 

Step 3: Trim the cocktail picks

You will have to trim the pick a little bit. This can help you to position the pick in the exact center of the hole. If the pick isn’t centered, you will have to loosen the screw and adjust it again. With the single edge blade, cut a rectangle out of each piece of pick and the cut to as marked length. You may not have to square the tip of the picks, because this depends on the size of the screw and the screw hole you are trying to fix.

Step 4: Use the cut pick to apply glue inside the hole

Now you can use the same cut pick to put glue inside the screw hole. Put a drop of wood glue inside the screw hole and press the cut pick into the hole. Be careful to apply enough glue inside the hole. You may have to apply more than one drop of glue. 

Step 5: Put the little pieces into the holes

Now that you have made the wooden pick, you can insert the little pieces into the hole. The little pieces of wood make it easier to get the pick into the hole. Once they are inside the screw hole, push them down so that they stay in place and fill the screw hole. 

Step 5: Reinstall the hinge

The last step is to screw the hinges into place. After inserting the little pieces, you can tighten the screw in place. Use the screws to attach the hinge back in place. Make sure that you tighten the screws with the screwdriver and that you keep them straight so that they hold the hinge in place.

Warning: You don’t want to use toothpicks to make the holes bigger. 

Is it Possible to Repair the Cracked Hinge Holes on a Kitchen Cabinet Door?

We can repair cracked kitchen cabinet door hinge holes using wood glue. What kind of wood glue should we use? You should use wood glue like the one from Home Depot. It’s a two-part epoxy adhesive that can be used for repairing cracks and holes in wood, plastic, plaster, masonry, concrete, and glass. It can also be used to seal the joints between wood parts. Here are the steps to use wood glue to repair a cracked kitchen cabinet door hinge holes:

Step 1

Put a layer of glue on each of the sides of the hinge. Make sure that you apply enough glue to fill the hole.

Step 2

Mix the other half of the glue with water in a bowl.

Step 3

Dip a finger into the mixture and then press it into the crack until it dries. You can see the glue filling up the crack.

Step 4

Now, repeat the process on the other side of the hinge.

In case you don’t have any wood glue, you can try using wood filler. You should place a small amount of the wood filler onto the crack and use a paper towel to spread it out. Once the wood filler dries, it is good to sand it down. 

How To Repair Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinge Holes

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, when you’re trying to figure out how to repair kitchen cabinet door hinge holes, you have to consider the type of cabinet you have, the size of the hole, and the materials it’s made of. If you’re unsure about what kind of cabinet you have, you can check online for a manual or online instructions. 

Once you know what kind of cabinet you have, you can start looking for the right tools to use to repair the hinge.


1. What kind of glue should I use for this project?

You should use wood glue.

2. Can I use wood stains on this project?

Yes, you can use wood stains on this project.

3. How can I repair the hinge holes in my cabinet doors without using glue?

To repair the hinge holes in your cabinet doors without using glue, you can use a wood filler such as Woodland Scenics Hardwood Filler.

4. Do I need to sand the cabinet door before I apply the wood filler?

You don’t need to sand the cabinet door before applying the wood filler.

5. What are the benefits of using wood filler for repairing cabinet holes?

The benefits of using wood filler for repairing cabinet holes include that it is inexpensive and easy to use.

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